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Waybuloo Toys

The high demand for Waybuloo toys are the result of the massive success of Cbeebies pre-school children show – Waybuloo. It could even get as big as the Teletubbies. Waybuloo toys will probably be the most in demand this Christmas, as there are many young fans (and mums and dads) wanting to get Waybuloo toys into their Christmas Stockings!

Waybuloo toys are based on the four cute, little computer animated characters ("Piplings") Lau Lau, Nok Tok, De Li and Yojojo. They all live in a magical land called Nara, and have fun all day. When these Piplings are happy together they float up high towards the sky……this is what is known as "Waybuloo"….

Peak & Pull YoJoJo - Squeeze his belly, listen to his fun phrases & melody, watch his ears move - just like on waybuloo tv series.

Peak & Pull Lau Lau - Play Peeka with Lau Lau, just like in the tv show! Pressing Lau Lau's tummy makes her ears cover over her eyes, just like playing peeka boo! Lau Lau has her own phrases and melody, she really comes to life.

Waybuloo De Li Plush Soft Toy, Waybuloo Yo Jo Jo Beanie, Waybuloo Nok Tok Beanie, Waybuloo Yo Jo Jo Peak & Pull Soft Toy, Waybuloo Lau Lau Beanie, Waybuloo De Li Beanie, Waybuloo De Li Figure Pack – just some of the many waybuloo toys available at present.


Click Here For Best Deals on Waybuloo Toys